Staying in Delhi

So things haven’t exactly gone to plan. I came out under the auspices of Save the Children UK who had put me in touch with Save the Children India (StCI) who in turn had put me in touch with SEEDS India. Together they were going to help facilitate my research here. So it turns out that StCI are not really able to host me in any form. SEEDS have since gone out of their way to host me. This means that I have cancelled my planned trip to Patna, Bihar and decided to stay here in Delhi where it will be easier to make contacts and access other resources. SEEDS have put me up in their staff guesthouse and I have some desk space at their office. We’ll see what happens!

The week has been a bit of a rollercoaster but I have made some contacts and had some meetings with the Indian National Disaster Management Authority and UNDP staff. I’m hoping I can gain access to a slum with an interpreter to help me conduct my interviews and research. If only I had known before I would have done this groundwork before coming to India. Oh well, just another challenge!

I’m putting up (staying in local talk) in a nice upmarket residential area – the staff call the flat it B-8. I soon realised however that no bus drivers or autorickshaw drivers knew where B-8 was! Fortunately I remembered the way i had come and found my way home the first night.phil 003


~ by philiprundell on June 26, 2009.

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