Mock Emergency Drill

I was invited by the National Disaster Management Authority to one of four Mock Emergency Drills being held today in Delhi. The drill simulated a terrorist attack with 4 terrorists entering the station, holding commuters hostage and taking control of the Control Room. People are particularly concerned about a repeat of the Mumbai attacks, especially with the Commonwealth Games due to be hosted here in 2010.

Just before the Mock Drill started (at 8a.m.) all commuters were evacuated and sniffer dogs were employed to check for any bombs. Civil Defence volunteers then entered the station and played dead or injured as a fake bomb was detonated to simulate a terrorist attack. Different agencies entered the station as and when they could respond to the emergency call.

It was certainly interesting to watch it all unfold. There seemed to be a lack of coordination between the different agencies involved – the Fire, Police, Ambulance services, Metro Security and Army. But I guess this is why we have Mock Drills to learn and improve. There were a lot of big guns, official uniforms and shouting and screaming – oh and sweat – I think the A/C was turned off!

Some feedback from the reports submitted to the Chief Minister included: Needing to block tunnel exits to prevent terrorists escaping; and the wounded should be treated and held close by as key eye-witnesses.

ps if anyone knows how to upload photos so they stay the right way up then please let me know!


~ by philiprundell on June 28, 2009.

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