Water in Savda Ghevra

Water for many is the biggest problem in Savda Ghevra. Although many think the water situation isn’t as bad as they had experienced in their previous slums. There are wells with hand pumps spread out around the colony but the water is hard and not potable. Drinking water is delivered by water truck on a daily basis. The delivery times are not regular and people queue for a long time with jerry cans and buckets. I talked with some people and they seemed to think that people fight less over the water these days as the community has made some ‘rules’ for lining up in 2 lines and waiting in turn however this didn’t appear to b e the case when i saw the water truck arrive. It was a free-for-all. Some ladies are unable to maintain a fixed job as they need to get the water and as a result a communal weaving livelihood programme has been halted. Many men are out at work (apparently 50% are employed) so can’t help with the water – it leaves the young children to help out. And they should be in school.


~ by philiprundell on July 12, 2009.

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