My journey to work… well the office… i don’t have my research site yet!

I take the bus to the office in the morning. The bus stop is a ten minute walk over a river-come open sewer which attacks all your senses as you’re still trying to adjust to the searing morning heat. I just hope that the wind is blowing away from the road to take the smells elsewhere.

It’s a fight to get on the bus in the morning as everyone jostles and elbows their way on. The first morning I let everyone go first but barely managed to jump and hang on as the bus pulled away. I now join the melee and have got used to the running jump when the bus barely comes to a halt. It’s 5rupees (10p) for the 20min journey to the office.

The bus pulls over to spit the people out and I cross the road between the motorbikes and autorickshaws. I cross over a small rubbish dump and a market where men are selling vegetables everyday.


~ by philiprundell on June 30, 2009.

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